Originally from Antwerp, the Belgian city where he still lives, the diamond business almost immediately became a part of Laurent Boeki’s life. Like many natives in the diamond capital of the world, diamonds are the family business. And because of that fact, Boeki was raised to respect the rare beauty of the precious stones, a respect that turned to great admiration and genuine love as he grew older and began to recognize their uniqueness and purity. Rather than steer towards the specialized vocation of diamond trading, Boeki set his sights on a creative outlet for his passion—photography.

After trying his hand at drawing and painting, Boeki realized photography was the perfect match for his creative eye and he felt the urge to capture moments he witnessed and use those moments to create a visual imprint for others. A self-described perfectionist, Boeki craves diversity in his craft. Though he is one of the best photographers of diamonds – both polished and rough – in the world, Boeki’s portfolio also includes jewelry, fine art, people, travel and reportage. No matter what his lens is focused on, he has a keen eye and strong ability to control both light and subject. He also carries a propitious education in computer science which allows him to seamlessly translate and perfect his product from the lens to the computer screen, a necessity in today’s digital world. Though he will be the first to tell you that he is adamant that his subjects are presented as real as possible and never over retouched.He also lives by the motto,“One sun, one light source.” 

It’s Boeki’s unique eye for detail and creative sense that gives his portraits a striking dramatic depth. While he is grateful to make a living through his passion for photography, Boeki continues to embrace the evolution of his craft by working with the latest camera equipment and post-production techniques that allow him seek out new and exciting opportunities.